A Certified Professional Coach…

  • Helps you discover what you really want.
  • Challenges you to be more than you thought you could be on your own.
  • Helps you to gain clarity and focus to produce your aspirations more quickly.
  • Provides you with the life tools, inspirational support and attainable structure to be more.IMG_0576_1

Humanics Consulting uses the Co-Active Coaching Model, a powerful alliance designed to forward and enhance the lifelong process of human learning, effectiveness, and fulfillment.

Co-Active Coaching does not change one particular situation. Co-Active Coaching encourages the client to have the essential ability to live, work, react, and create in the most effective way that leads to a more resonant and fulfilling life.

Specific Coaching Areas

New Leader Role or Transition/Leadership Development Coaching is for individuals assigned or hired into new leadership roles ensuring successful assimilation into and effectiveness in the new position. The goal of coaching is to clarify with your key constituents the most important responsibilities of your new role, your deliverables in the first ninety days of the new assignment and ways in which you and your team are interdependent with others in the organization. Other areas of leadership development include but not limited to:

  • Leadership Style Assessment
  • Resonant Leadership Development
  • Group Coaching/Team Building
  • Celebrate Victories
Career or “Reinventing Yourself” Coaching helps you identify a clear vision of where you want to go in your career, your life purpose and your dreams. This journey will help you develop the best of you and hold you accountable to achieve your goals that are value driven. Other areas include but not limited to:
  • Develop Strategies to overcome roadblocks
  • Create plans to move quickly and easily toward goals
  • Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs
  • Leadership Competency Preparedness
  • Celebrate Victories

Living Healthy Coaching is about enhancing your spirit, expanding your mind and exercising your body for a more gratifying and fulfilling life.   The goal of Living Healthy Coaching is to provide support, motivation, and accountability in helping you identify step-by-step actions to achieve success in the change you desire. Other areas include but not limited to:

  • Work – Life Integration
  • Healthy Choices
  • Time Management
  • Behavior Changes that are Value Driven
  • Celebrate Victories


In Co-Active Coaching, the coach and client are active collaborators, a relationship that is an alliance between two equals to serve the client’s higher purpose.

Co-Active Coaching stands on the philosophical foundation of four key cornerstones:

  1. People are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. (You find your own answers).
  2. Dance in the moment. (Fully present to the here and now).
  3. Focus on the whole person. (Work with the entire heart, mind, body, and spirit).
  4. Evoke transformation. (Committed to lasting, sustainable change).

The Client’s Agenda is at the heart of the Co-Active Coaching  three core principles:

  1. Fulfillment (values, life purpose, the resonance and dissonance in the client’s life).
  2. Balance (access creativity and choice).
  3. Process (fully present to all stages of the experience).

Basic Coaching Procedures

Co-Active Coaching is a process. Many people create change for themselves in a short time. However, to refine and sustain the change may take several months. Although not binding, the expectation for the coaching relationship is to last at least 3 months.


Clients connect once per week at the same day and time each week.  Coaching is either by telephone, webcam, face-time or email.   Coaching sessions last between 45 to 60 minutes.

For more information about coaching services, fees, or to set up an initial appointment please contact Fred C. Wasiak at or 609.864.0750.