Dr. Michel-Ange Ferdinand, Chair of “Operation Grace For Haiti” meeting with Fred C. Wasiak

Humanics Consulting can help develop your nonprofit charitable organization to a healthier cause-driven mission-based business through capacity building in the areas of:

  • Volunteer and Board Development
    • Governance
    • Board Structure
    • Board Building Cycle
    • Board POLE*
  • Staff and Leadership Development
    • Cause Driven
    • Results Driven
    • Leadership Styles
    • 360 Feedback – The Booth Company**
  • Strategy and Business Development
    • Organizational, Programmatic, Operational
    • Organizational Alignment and Outcomes
    • Organizational Health
  • Philanthropy and Financial Development
    • Case for Support
    • Board Philanthropy
    • Staff Support
    • Annual Campaign, Major Gifts, Donation Management
  • Program and Community Development
    • Community Assessment/Gap Analysis
    • Collaborative Strategies
    • Outcomes Measurement
    • NJ Quality Standards for Afterschool – Trainer***

      Trenton Y Selfie (2)

      Program and Leadership Development with YMCA of Trenton.

*The Board POLE: Based upon the philosophy that “success without feedback is just an accident”, the Board POLE, (The Center for Educational Effectiveness) is designed to initiate substantive and productive conversations about board performance and performance development. This process is intended to be formative not evaluative and should be used in one’s quest for performance excellence.  While most organizations focus on their service delivery outcomes, truly successful organizations focus on those things which influence organizational effectiveness at the highest level.

This tool was developed to assist fiduciary and non-fiduciary boards in continuous, sustainable transformation by helping to identify strengths and perceived challenges in those areas known to impact the effectiveness of service-based organizations.

**The Booth Company – 360 Feedback 360 degree feedback assessments based on the Task Cycle®, a validated theory of leadership and management roles. The comprehensive set of assessments from The Booth Company measures the fundamental skills of mission-critical organizational roles.

***NJSACC NJ Quality Standards for Afterschool  together with the Assessment Tool – is a resource that afterschool programs can use for self-evaluation. It should be part of a process of continuous quality improvement. The NJ Quality Standards for Afterschool is organized into seven categories: Administration, Human Relationships, Safety and Environmental Health, Indoor and Outdoor Environment, Programming and Activities, Special Needs/The Whole Child, and Healthy Behavior: Nutrition and Physical Activity.