Humanics Consulting believes a cause-driven healthy mission-based business is whole, consistent, and complete when its volunteers, management, strategy, operations, and overall culture blend sensibly. A nonprofit charitable organization becomes a cause-driven mission-based business when its culture thinks, acts, and communicates the needs of their community front and center – all the time!

The ideal of a balanced organization is when Community, Communication, and Communion are culturally integrated.

  • Community is when people live and work together for a common purpose.
  • Communication is when people interact, think, and plan their work together.
  • Communion represents the act of sharing-of blending with others-moving above the individual.

Certified Professional Coaching

Humanics Consulting uses the Co-Active Coaching Model, a powerful alliance designed to forward and enhance the lifelong process of human learning, effectiveness, and fulfillment. Co-Active Coaching does not change one particular situation, it encourages the client to have the essential ability to live, work, react, and create in the most effective way that leads to a more resonant and fulfilling life…of the whole person.

The Humanics philosophy is based on the age old Greek philosophy of Humanics – the ideal of a balanced individual, that a person’s emotional, intellectual and physical lives are interconnected. The Humanics philosophy calls for enlightening the whole person in spirit, mind, and body—for leadership in service to humanity.  When in balance, you are healthier, more confident and better prepared to be a steward of your life’s purpose.