Spring into Action for Self-Renewal

DaffodilWow! Spring is upon us! This means warmer weather, more daylight, and new life. If any time is motivating to meet your personal goals, its spring time. This is a time to give yourself the attention you need through enhancing the spirit, expanding the mind, exercising the body, and exuding the heart.

Enhancing the spirit can come in many different ways. You can explore your religion, maybe dive deeper into your teachings. You can take up activities such as meditation, where you have time to look inward and quiet the mind. There is also motivational growth, in which you search for new passions to focus your energy on, or strive for goals you’ve been hoping to reach. Lastly, there is the adventurous spirit. This is your spirit that desires to explore new places or try new things. Listen to this drive, and maybe even indulge it on occasion. Work on the spirit, whether religious, motivational, or adventurous, can help to lead you on the road to happiness and balance.

Next, there is expanding the mind. This can come from learning something new. Maybe that means reading a book, or deciding to enroll in a class about something that interests you. Sometimes you might have to just dig in and get your hands dirty, such as trying a new activity like painting, gardening, or martial arts. You never know what you will fall in love with unless you try it. Remember, nothing is lost if you try something with an open heart and mind, and it turns out to not be for you. If anything, it’s a learning experience, allowing you to know yourself in a different way.

Exercising the body can have so many benefits beyond physical strength. It has been shown to make you overall happier. Taking a little time each day to be active, whether that be going outside for a riding a bike, practicing yoga, or taking a hike, these activities can leave you feeling like you’re capable of taking on the world. If you had plans for the New Year to become healthier, spring is a great time to revamp those plans. The warm months make it so much more enjoyable to be active, whether outside or inside. It’s still the New Year, and so you still have many months left to meet your resolution.

Lastly, allow this new, warmer season to be a time to spend your energy on others. As the saying goes, giving is better than receiving, and this age old adage has been backed up by scientific findings; giving has been shown to lead to stronger and more lasting happiness than receiving. So, next time you want to make an impulse buy, think of a better place to spend your money and time. For example, you can give your money or time to charity supporting a cause you care deeply about. Even just taking a step back, going out, and buying a coffee for a friend or loved one, and sitting and enjoying it with them, can have great benefits on your levels of happiness.

You are capable of finding total well-being, but it will not come to you; you have to go out and seek it. Happy Trails!

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