Raising the B.A.R. In Leadership Training


Belonging, Achievement, Relationships

Humanics Consulting will help you understand the essential role you have in developing a “resonant leadership” capability within yourself and for your organization by creating an inspirational atmosphere of belonging, achievement, and relationships.

Glacier Makers (Big Audacious Ice-Breakers)
Time: Unlimited

  • Interactive Small to Large Group Relationship Team Building/Trust Activities
  • Social, Emotional & Cognitive Fun Tools for Your Back Pocket

    Leadership Training: Glacier Makers

InFredible 5 Factors of Character & The Unforgettable InFredible First Impression

Time: 1 hour

  • Interactive Presentation
  • Small Group Work
  • Five Points of Character Building
  • Think, Act, Communicate
  • The Importance and Fun Techniques of an Unforgettable Welcoming, Confidence Building, Trusting First Impression
40 Developmental Assets

Time: 1 Hour
Trenton YMCA Leadership Training

  • Interactive Presentation
  • Building Blocks that Help Young Children Grow up Healthy, Caring, and Responsible.
  • Six Step Action Planning Process
Raising the BAR (Belonging, Achievement, Relationships) for Member Engagement:

Customer Service 101

Time: 3 Hours

  • Implement Secret Shopper Assessment
  • Analyze and Report Data for Customized Training
  • Team Building/Group Work
  • Define Member/Customer Service (The Good, Bad & Ugly)
  • The Service Experience/Action Steps
  • Emotional Intelligence of Service (An InFredible First & Welcoming Impression)
  • Active Listening Scenarios/Role Play
  • Develop Service Mission Statements
  • Strategize Post Training Action Plan
ANNUAL CAMPAIGN ENERGIZER: (For Staff Volunteers)                                                

The Cause Driven Influencer – The Story Begins With Me”

Time: 2 Hours

  • Fun Interactive Small to Large Group980965e8-b6f0-47bd-bf23-4cfc412abb5c-original.jpeg_1
  • Deepening Relationships
  • Mission Review – Your Marching Orders
  • Cause Driven Assessment of Your Passion: What is Your Story?
  • Characteristics of an Influencer
  • An Unforgettable InFredible First Impression- The Story Begins Here
  • Why is the Annual Campaign important?
  • Role Play The Ask (solicitation) with Story Tellers (campaigners)
  • Your Campaign Commitment in “ Six Words”
An Unforgettable Approach for Positive Outcomes

Time: 1.5 Hours

Extraordinary behavior of youth begins with your first impression and leadership characteristics. This exhilarating and interactive workshop will help you understand the essential role you have in building strong relationships, leading youth to express themselves in an acceptable manner, and understand the importance of age appropriate expectations through character building. The participant will walk away with a balanced set of back pocket tools, strategies and experiential activities.

Coaching Your Staff to Vocational Integration

Time: 1 Hour

This fun and interactive workshop will explore the myths of work/life balance and provide effective tools and techniques for the supervisor and Human Resource professional to use in coaching staff (and self) to a more fulfilling and successful vocational integration!

Resonant Leadership Begins With Me: Creating Experiences of Hope, Compassion, Mindfulness, and Playfulness

Time: 1.5 Hours

This interactive and energetic (UnForgettable and InFredible) workshop will examine resonance and developing “resonant leadership” capability, the experiences of hope, compassion, mindfulness and playfulness. Using the latest in neuroscience and organizational research, participants will understand the theory and experience of the Positive Emotional Attractor (vs. Negative Emotional Attractor) that is an essential beginning to sustaining and desiring transformational change for individuals, teams, organizations and communities.

Mindfulness: The Practical Relevance in Your Professional Setting

Time: 1 hour

Mindfulness impacts the way we communicate with one another and helps us to become more empathetic, less reactive, and better at decision making.  To become a more effective professional mindfulness can be a great tool.  The days are busy and over-stimulating and you are dealing with many different personalities and situations. This workshop introduces the basics of mindfulness; the importance of self-care; the power of breathing; participate in simple activities that will make a difference in your setting.

Ages and Stages

Time: 1.5 hour

Ages and Stages prepares you to understand the developmental characteristics and developmental needs (socially, emotionally and physically) of youth ages 5 – 12. This includes understanding the positive approach needed in building strong relationships and leading youth to express themselves in an acceptable manner for positive behavioral outcomes in a mindful way.